G'day I'm Indy, 

I am a 16-year-old singer-songwriter. I was born in England but lived in The Adelaide Hills, South Australia since I was 4 years old. I have always enjoyed all types of music but listening to the rawness of Australian country music has had a major influence on my songwriting style.  
I have been fortunate enough to play at many lovely venues including wineries and cafes throughout the beautiful Adelaide Hills and I am a regular performer at Club Acoustica at the Olive Branch cafe in Balhannah. I also enjoy the local music scene, which incorporates community events, farmers markets and busking opportunities. While also often raising funds and awareness for organisations and charities. 

In the middle of last year, I was lucky enough to record my first 3 track EP Ferris Wheel, which is now available for purchase and/or download!!

My heartfelt lyrics are combined with a musical brightness, influenced by the drifting sounds of Australian country music. Combining my love of country music with folk and pop to achieve my very personal sound. My musical journey began growing up listening to the storytelling of John Williamson but came to realise my musical passion while singing along to The Dixie Chicks. I am a massive fan of Missy Higgins and more recently Alex The Astronaut, The Middle Kids, and Sticky Fingers.

"A massive turning point in my life was volunteering with my mum at an orphanage in India. This was a life-changing and confronting experience, and had an extraordinary impact on my life and influenced my songwriting in a very powerful way." 

I am now looking forward to my up and coming live performances as well as always writing new songs which hopefully I will be able to record soon :)